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Huntington University Scholarship | 2021-06-29

Huntington University Scholarships for FM Bible Quizzers

I’m pleased to announce $4,000 in scholarship funds available to FM Bible Quizzers from Huntington University for participants at Quiz Finals 2021.

If you have participated in FM Bible Quizzing this season, attending five regular season quizzes, reciting 80% of this season’s Quote Verses, and if you attend Quiz Finals, you will qualify for this $1,000/year scholarship … on top of any other scholarships (academic, need-based, legacy) you qualify for when you apply.

Where is Huntington University? Located in Huntington, Indiana, a town of 18,000, near Indiana’s second largest city, Fort Wayne—ideal for internships, recreation, and shopping. Its park-like, contemporary, lakeside campus covers over 160 mostly-wooded acres and has over $30 million in new facilities since 1990, including a state-of-the-art science building, arts center, residence halls and athletic venues.

How much does it cost to attend Huntington University? Tuition for 2021-2022 is $26,986; with room and board and fees, the total is $37,056 before scholarships and aid. More than 90 percent of students receive some form of financial assistance. Other scholarships are available for academics, athletics, music, art, theatre, communications, children of alumni, United Brethren in Christ, Federation Churches, Youth for Christ/Campus Life, graduates of ACSI/CSI Christian schools ... and more. On average, the typical Huntington financial-aid package covers half of the cost of attendance.

What’s special about Huntington University? Huntington University dates back to 1897 and was founded by the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. With the conviction that all truth is God’s truth, the University exists to carry out the mission of Christ in higher education.

Huntington takes a university-wide approach for spiritual growth featuring traditional chapel services, campus-wide small groups, mid-week Vespers and student-led services, midday prayer gatherings and opportunities for outreach and service. Each school year, hundreds of HU students, faculty and staff volunteer thousands of hours of service to those in need -- in the local community, across America, and around the world. In an average year, 70-80% of resident students volunteer (more than 11,000 hours each year total). Huntington has 17 intercollegiate teams (NAIA), including golf, bowling, tennis, soccer, volleyball, cheer and others. They are the Foresters, and their colors are forest green and black. How big is Huntington University? It has 923 undergraduate students and 244 graduate students, plus another 90 online.

What about Huntington’s faculty? More than 78% of faculty have earned their Ph.D. or other terminal degree. It boasts a 13:1 student/faculty ratio, which allows for intentional, intimate interaction between professors and students.

What can you study at Huntington University? Huntington offers more than 70 areas of study … from Agricultural Studies and Art … Christian Thought and Practice … Digital Media Arts … Kinesiology and Philosophy … Psychology and Theater Arts … and much more in-between!

Here’s the link to the school website to explore for yourself: https://www.Huntington.edu/

Thank you to Huntington University for offering this generous scholarship offer to FM Bible Quizzers!

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