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St Louis Christian College Scholarship | 2020-01-12

St. Louis Christian College Scholarships for FM Bible Quizzers

I’m thrilled to announce a new scholarship now available to Free Methodist Bible Quizzers! Thank you to St. Louis Christian College for recognizing and partnering with us to encourage young people to study God’s Word in their teenage years. As a bonus … this is how you can pay for college!

To qualify for this scholarship, FM Bible Quizzers need to attend Quiz Finals for three years, provide a letter of recommendation from a Bible Quiz coach, and submit an essay describing what their experience with FM Bible Quizzing has meant to them. (If you’ve attended fewer than three Quiz Finals, you can still apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)

Where is St. Louis Christian College? About 40 minutes from Alton, Illinois, in Florissant, Missouri, on the northern edge of St. Louis.

How much does it cost to attend St. Louis Christian College? The total cost of $19,960/year breaks down with tuition being $12,960 of that (including fees and books) … room and board is the difference. The FMBQ scholarship is $8,000/year (for up to four years with a 3.0 GPA) … over 60% of tuition. Additional financial aid may be available also.

Why should you consider attending St. Louis Christian College? Its focus is primarily on all aspects of Christian ministry, with opportunities for degrees in business and education through its partnership with Hope International University. Its president, Terry Stine, was a Bible Quizzer (a “player” in Bible Bowl), and comes from leading Boise Christian College. On the outskirts of St. Louis, the opportunity for hands-on urban ministry is on their doorstep. At St. Louis Christian College, you come for a major … and leave with a mission. They are about educating Christians and graduating leaders.

How big is St. Louis Christian College? About 150 students.

Here’s the link to the school website to explore more: https://stlchristian.edu/

Thank you, St. Louis Christian College, for joining with FMBQ to recognize and reward our Bible Quizzers with this generous scholarship offer to encourage ongoing study and preparation for Christian service, both now and into their college years.

Warner University Scholarship | 2020-01-12

Warner University Scholarships for FM Bible Quizzers

I have exciting news! If you have a ninth grade quizzer (or younger), he or she has the opportunity to earn up to $8,000 (or more) in college tuition funding … by participating in FM Bible Quizzing for four years! This is another great reason to invest your time and energy into studying God’s Word in this way.

Warner University recognizes the importance and value of studying Scripture and they have created a scholarship just for FM Bible Quizzers. Attend five regular season quizzes, memorize 80% of your Quotes … and you will earn yourself $2,000 ($500/year for four years) this season. Do that for four years and that’s $8,000 ($2,000/year for four years) toward the cost of going to college!

Where is Warner University? In Lake Wales, Florida. Halfway between Orlando and Tampa (about 60 miles in each direction). An hour from DisneyWorld (if that helps).

How much does it cost to attend Warner University? $21,915/year for tuition; $8,520 for room and board ($30,435 total). Additional scholarships are available up to $10,000/year, as well as grants of around $13,000/year, meaning the out-of-pocket cost for students is often much less, with 100% of students receiving some form of scholarships or grants.

What’s special about Warner University? Its president, Dr. David Hoag, is a graduate of Greenville University, one of our Free Methodist schools. Its student to teacher ratio is 13:1. Club opportunities include Bass Fishing (!), Beach Volleyball, Ranch Rodeo and Clay Shooting. Navy and gold are its school colors; their mascot is Duke (the lion); they are the Royals. Most importantly … Warner University is committed to guiding individuals toward Christ-like character and intellectual maturity who are equipped to serve.

How big is Warner University? 1,100 to 1,200 students from 30 states and 20 countries.

What can you study at Warner University? There are 36 liberal arts and professional majors for undergraduates to choose from, including Ministry, Agriculture, Biology, Education, Criminal Justice, Exercise Science and Sport Leadership (and more).

Here’s the link to the school website to find out more for yourself: https://www.warner.edu/

Thank you to Warner University for partnering with FMBQ to recognize and reward our Bible Quizzers by encouraging their continued participation with this scholarship and opening the door to help pay for a quality education at a Christian university after they graduate.

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