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EZCard Access to Quiz Finals 2020 | 2020-06-30

For up-to-date information and day-to-day updates on 2020 Quiz Finals, text FMBQ620 to 64600. Or download from your computer using: https://ezcard.com/FMBQ620

Central Christian College of Kansas Scholarship | 2020-06-16


Ccck Signed
Central Christian College of Kansas FMBQ Scholarship

Central Christian College of Kansas, located in McPherson, Kansas, is one of our Free Methodist-affiliated educational institutions, and recognizes the value of what FM Bible Quizzing is all about in the lives of young people.

The scholarship is up to $10,000/year for up to four years for all who have participated in FM Bible Quizzing during at least one of their high school years.

Where is Central Christian College of Kansas? In Kansas. McPherson, to be exact, about as close to the geographical center of the state as you can get. It’s just under an hour from Wichita, if you plan to fly to visit.

How much does it cost to attend Central Christian College of Kansas? Tuition at CCCK is $14,250 per semester ($28,500/year). Adding housing and other costs the total is $36,450/year. That means this $10,000 Bible Quizzing scholarship covers 35% of the cost of tuition. 100% of CCCK students receive some financial aid.

Why should you consider attending Central Christian College of Kansas? Central Christian College aspires to provide a transformative educational experience rooted in Christ and focused on providing a Christ-Centered Education for Character to any person desiring to become a faithful steward of heart, mind, soul, and strength. Its mission is to provide Christ-centered education for character. The student:teacher ratio at CCCK is 13:1. Tiger athletics include basketball, baseball, cross-country, Esports, golf, soccer, volleyball and wrestling; their colors are central blue and central gold.

How big is Central Christian College of Kansas? About 305 students on campus, plus another 385 online.

What can you study at Central Christian College of Kansas? CCCK offers a variety of majors in Business, Communicative Arts, Education, Liberal Studies, Ministry and Theology, Music, Natural Science, Social Sciences, and Sports Science and Health.

Here’s the school website to explore more: www.centralchristian.edu

Thank you, Central Christian College of Kansas, for honoring and encouraging our FM Bible Quizzers with this generous scholarship offer!
Milligan University Scholarship | 2020-06-16

08 Milligan U

I’m pleased to announce up to $20,000 in scholarship funds available to FM Bible Quizzers from Milligan University for participants at Quiz Finals 2020.

If you’re a high school-aged quizzer and your team is in the top two in our Double Elimination tournament, you qualify for a scholarship of $10,000 ($2,500/year for four years)! Third and fourth place teams earn $8,000 ($2,000/year). And … if you’re in the top ten high school finishers in our Kahoot! Individual Tournament, you can earn an additional $2,000 to $10,000 ($500 to $2,500/year over four years).

Where is Milligan University? Its 235-acre picturesque campus is located on the far eastern edge of Tennessee, tucked in next to Cherokee National Forest on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains. It’s 300 miles east of Nashville, about an hour from Asheville, NC (AVL), or 30 minutes from Tri-Cities (TRI), if you were to fly there to visit. It’s within minutes of restaurants, shopping, theatre, and cultural activities, as well as plenty of outdoor adventures like hiking, skiing, and more.

How much does it cost to attend Milligan University? Tuition for 2020-2021 is $34,150; with room and board and fees, the total is $43,000 before scholarships and aid. Average total cost after aid packages is $20,649. This means a possible $20,000 scholarship from Quiz Finals would be more than 58% the cost of tuition! 98 percent of Milligan students receive financial aid, including academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, and need-based grants.
What’s special about Milligan University? Milligan University is familiar with Bible quizzers because it has been a host for Bible Bowl tournaments (and offering scholarships to those Bible Quizzing “cousins” of ours as well!). It is affiliated with the non-denominational Christian Churches (Restoration Movement).

Founded in 1866, it was soon intended to become a liberal arts college to train leaders for the churches and the communities of Appalachia. Today, as a Christian liberal arts university, Milligan University seeks to honor God by educating men and women to be servant-leaders. Three intertwined spheres form the core values of Milligan’s educational and co-curricular experiences: Scholarship, Community, and Faith. Milligan is committed to molding both mind and spirit while preparing students to lead successful, fulfilling, and impactful lives. Its president, Dr. Bill Greer, led the efforts to create its MBA program, one built upon the philosophy of ethical decision making from a Christian perspective.

There are more than 40 social, service, honorary, professional, and campus life organizations on campus. Milligan offers 26 intercollegiate sports including … Cycling, Esports, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Triathlon, Cheerleading, Dance, Softball … and more. They are the Buffaloes and their colors are orange and black.

How big is Milligan University? Its 1,300 students come from 35 states and more than 30 nations. Eighty percent live on campus in one of 11 residence halls or student apartments.

What can you study at Milligan University? Milligan offers more than 100 majors, minors, pre-professional degrees, and concentrations in a variety of fields … from Accounting, Bible and Biology … to Cybersecurity, Economics and Film … to Pre-Law, Pre-Med, and Pre-Dentistry … to Chinese, Greek and Hebrew … to Philosophy, Photography, Physics and Psychology … to Web development and Worship [Text Box:] leadership. And many more.

Here’s the link to the school website to explore for yourself: https://www.milligan.edu/

Thank you to Milligan University for offering this generous scholarship opportunity to FM Bible Quizzers!

Olivet Nazarene University Scholarship | 2020-06-05

Olivet Nazarene

Check this out! All high school-aged quizzers can earn a 50% tuition scholarship to Olivet Nazarene University … this year!

Olivet Nazarene University is excited to partner with FM Bible Quizzing by offering a 50% tuition scholarship for all high school quizzers who have participated in 5 out of 8 regular season quizzes, who recite 80% of their Quote Verses, and who participate in Quiz Finals this season. Even if you haven’t thought about it up until now—it’s not too late! If you rank in the top 50% of Teams or Individuals at Quiz Finals, you can add another $2,000/year to that 50% tuition award!

Where is Olivet Nazarene University? Nestled in the historic village of Bourbonnais, Illinois, Olivet is 50 miles from Chicago’s Midway airport and 70 miles from O’Hare, with 24 major buildings on 275 acres of beautiful, park-like grounds. How much does it cost to attend Olivet Nazarene University? Costs for 2019-2020 were $36,080/year for tuition; $8,000 for room and board (about $44,000 total). Most (99%) students receive financial assistance of some kind.

What’s special about Olivet Nazarene University? Olivet students gain knowledge and wisdom, and secure degrees that place them ahead of the pack, with portfolios and experience as evidence of an “Education with a Christian purpose.” Its roots are in the Wesleyan tradition and the school is a service of the Church of the Nazarene. International study opportunities are available; it has state-of-the-art technology throughout campus; students are involved in more than 90 clubs and interest groups on campus.

Its recently renovated recreation center (with pool and rock wall) is home to the ONU Tigers and more than 600 students participate in intercollegiate athletics on 21 teams—including E-Sports, Swim & Dive, Golf, Cross-Country, Tennis and Cheerleading (plus the other usuals). Students operate its on-campus Christian music radio station, which is ranked the top 20 nationwide. Opportunities for worship and ministry abound.

President Dr. John Bowling, has twice turned down the opportunity to lead his international denomination so as to remain focused on his presidential duties at Olivet Nazarene University. He holds multiple Masters and earned Doctorate degrees. The student to teacher ratio is 17:1.

How big is Olivet Nazarene University? 2,900 undergraduate students (plus another 2,000 graduate students).

What can you study at Olivet Nazarene University? Olivet offers more than 140 fields of study. Within its College of Arts and Sciences, you can choose between Digital Graphics, Earth and Space Science, Multimedia Journalism, Political Science, Data Science, Military Science (ROTC), and dozens more. The Walker School of Engineering and Technology includes a Cybersecurity major, as well as six concentrations in engineering (and more). There's a School of Business, a School of Education, a School of Life and Health Sciences, a School of Music, and a School of Theology and Christian Ministry. Just about everything, in other words!

Here’s the link to the ONU website to explore for yourself: https://www.olivet.edu/

Thank you to Olivet Nazarene University for offering this generous opportunity to FM Bible Quizzers. This will open the door for many and will help pay for the quality education offered at ONU.

Central Christian College of the Bible Scholarship | 2020-05-27

Central Christian College of the Bible Offers up to 48% Tuition Scholarship for FM Bible Quizzers

Central Christian College of the Bible, located in Moberly, Missouri, is helping us break new ground by honoring those who participate in the Achievers of Accuracy Kahoot! competition at our 2020 FM Bible Quiz Finals. CCCB sponsored our name badges at Quiz Finals last year and is committed to creating open doors for developing Christian leaders in a variety of fields.

The scholarship is up to $4,000/year for up to four years for all participants in the Kahoot!-style Achievers of Accuracy competition. The top scorer in each division will be eligible to apply for a full-tuition Torch Scholarship at CCCB (which can be used starting fall 2021).

Where is Central Christian College of the Bible? In Moberly, in north central Missouri, halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri (about two and a half hours from each).

How much does it cost to attend Central Christian College of the Bible? CCCB is committed to providing a quality education and making that education affordable. Tuition is $8,250/year. Together with room and board, the total is $16,800/year. That means a $4,000 scholarship is 48% of the cost of tuition. Other financial aid may be available also.

Why should you consider attending Central Christian College of the Bible? If you are looking for a Bible-based, small, affordable college, CCCB has that in spades. Founded in 1957 and affiliated with the Restoration Movement (Independent Christian Churches), there are seven permanent buildings on campus and enrollment is 285. The student:teacher ratio is 12:1. It offers 8 church ministry programs and 26 marketplace ministry programs to choose from. They are the Saints; their emblem is a torch; their colors are crimson and white. They compete in basketball, soccer, cross-country and volleyball.

How big is Central Christian College of the Bible? About 285 students.

What can you study at Central Christian College of the Bible? Church ministry program options include Christian Education, Worship Ministry and Youth Ministry. Marketplace ministry degrees include Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Nursing and Occupational Therapy.

Here’s the link to the school website to explore more: https://cccb.edu

Thank you, Central Christian College of the Bible, for helping us to inaugurate an accuracy-based component to Free Methodist Bible Quiz Finals!Cccb 5 27 2020 Signed

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