Service Project Info

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  •  Posted on February 26, 2018


Service is a significant component of our ministry’s mission. Bible quizzing’s goal is to INSTILL Biblical truth (HEAD), ESTABLISH in faith (HEART) and PREPEARE for service (HANDS). Participating in service projects at Quiz Finals was born out a desire from our students to serve the communities in which we quiz. It has been cultivated by students and led by students. It has now become a part of what we do at Quiz Finals and we encourage all to participate.

The service projects will take place during the day on Monday, July 2nd. Sunday night housing has been included in the total registration cost for Quiz Finals, signaling our commitment to serve.

The service projects are still an optional activity for your team. This means that you have the opportunity to “opt-in” and participate or you can take Monday as an opportunity to sight see in St. Louis and begin your Quiz Finals experience with dinner on Monday evening. Breakfast will be provided on Monday morning and Greenville University will be providing sack lunches to take to your service locations.


The City of Greenville opted to pave the Lakeside Trail. Therefore, we will not be spreading mulch. However, the city still needs our help! They have 400 fire hydrants that need to be painted! So instead of bring shovels and rakes - we need paint brushes! A couple other options have also been added.

Fire Hydrants (120 volunteers needed) – 400 fire hydrants in the city of Greenville need to be painted


  • Paint brushes (not foam) – plan on disposing when done

Christian Activity Center in East St. Louis (15 volunteers) – inner city center: have a tour, play a serious game of kick-ball and enjoy refreshments

Jubilee House (10 volunteers needed) – scrape and paint windows

Durley Camp (36-40 volunteers needed) – construction and painting. We have donated $500 towards supplies to match the amount they had allocated.

Eden’s Glory/Food Pantry (20-25 volunteers needed) – take collected items to the food pantry and sort in the morning. Distribute flyers around town in the afternoon.

BSF 5K (15-20 volunteers needed) – a 5K to raise funds for the Better Student Fund, to be run at Patriot’s Park on Monday morning with 7:30/8:00am start. Need volunteers for registration, timekeepers at the finish and others to be at key points of the course to help direct runners/walkers.


As a part of our service project, we would like to help collect items that the local food pantry is consistently in most need of. In these next few months leading up to Quiz Finals, we are asking teams and churches to gather together:

FOOD: Peanut butter, Jelly/Jam, Meals in a can (i.e. Chef Boyardee and microwavable cans with plastic lids: Ravioli, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chili, etc.

HYGIENE PRODUCTS: Shampoo & Soap (full size or trial size), Feminine products, Depends


These are very specific items that they have requested.