Quiz Finals 2021

Olivet Nazarene University

7/12/2021 - 7/16/2021


Quiz Finals 2021 … at Olivet Nazarene University

Why Olivet? We were not able to follow through with plans to be on the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College due to their limitations on having outside groups on campus this summer.

Where is ONU? Bourbonnais, Illinois (that’s BER-bun-AY)

Where is that? About an hour south of O’Hare airport … Chicago, Illinois.

When? Same dates as we had planned … July 12-16, 2021

For whom? All are welcome! Are you a friend of FM Bible Quizzing? Have you had “nowhere to go” for more than a year? Need an excuse for a road-trip? Would you love to be blessed by hearing young voices reciting Scripture for four days? Are you a former quizzer who’d like to see how this crop of Bible Quizzers measure up to your glory days? Do you have a Quizzer to watch and encourage? Think about joining us for this week-long event in a new venue (for us)!

When do I have to decide? Registration materials are due—postmarked—Friday, June 4, 2021. If late changes can be accommodated, they will include a $100 late fee per person and $50 per team. Late registrations might not be accepted.

Why should I come? Because, because, because … we are celebrating the slow-but-sure return to in-person quizzing and we want to celebrate what each of these quizzers has accomplished this year in spite of the challenges for this unique season. For some, this will be their first in-person quiz ever! We delight to gather as the family of Christ, to worship, to hear God’s Word in its many forms, to get better acquainted, and to encourage one another in our journeys to know Jesus and to make him known. If you’re new to FM Bible Quizzing and within a reasonable day-trip, you, too, are welcome to come and watch, bring your young people (or old people) and consider bringing FM Bible Quizzing to your school, church, youth group or family.

Is this in-person? Yes, mostly.

What about COVID? We will follow whatever is required by the State of Illinois and Olivet Nazarene University at the time of our event. If nothing significant changes, expect masks (face shields for quizmasters), extension cords to spread quizzing chairs out, other distancing measures, lots of hand-washing and sanitizing, staggered meal times, temperature checks. Anyone presenting with symptoms will be asked to be tested and any who test positive will be quarantined and/or required to return home. More details as we get closer.

Can I participate online? Yes. We will offer the Achievers of Accuracy tournament again this year, 200 questions using the Kahoot! platform that you can join in from anywhere … at any age! The cost for participating in this portion of Finals is $7.50 per person (including QUIC).

What about Buzzers? Yes. If you are unable to attend in person, but would like to compete online from home, we are making this option available in a somewhat experimental fashion. Experimental in that we’ll determine after registrations come in whether:

• Online competition will be a separate division, regardless of age or experiencer; or

• Within the “live” tournament, teams participating online will be assigned to a Zoom room along with a “live” counterpart and be scored and ranked as if they were present

Team fees will be the same for online teams who register. Individual registration fees will still apply for each participant to receive tournament materials and have those shipped to you.

What does the week look like? You’ll check in on Monday evening and join us for opening session. Tuesday and Wednesday are full of quizzing (round-robin) after Chapel, with two special/fun activities in the evenings. Thursday is the start of our double-elimination tournament, and we’ll have a special Communion and testimony service that evening where Quizzers (and leaders) are invited to share what God has shown them in his Word this season. Final rounds happen Friday morning, followed by Awards. That’s the whirlwind tour.

What will it cost? Registration fees are $275/person ($100/Online), $200/team, $7.50/Accuracy … reduced rates for siblings (4-12); other young ones (0-3) are free. Quizmasters and approved staff—free (including extra nights, if needed). Teams: $200 full/$70 partial (one person).

What’s included? Housing for four nights (Mon-Thu), eleven meals (Tuesday breakfast through Friday lunch), linens for all in all-air-conditioned units (some hotel-style, some three- and four-bed apartment units), facility use throughout campus, technology fees, T-shirts and goodie bags.

What’s extra? Sunday night or Friday night, if needed to accommodate travel plans. $20/person/night. Some transportation to/from O’Hare and Midway airports upon request.

Chapel and Awards and Final Team/Individual rounds will be livestreamed to Facebook and/or Youtube and you’ll be able to join or download later to join (or relive) the fun from wherever! Anyone in a quiz room with a device that can connect to the webcam in all classrooms can likewise livestream any particular match-up. Details to follow.

Trivia Night. Bone up on your miscellaneous bits of useful knowledge (or maybe not-so-useful). We’ll be doing Trivia Night on one evening, as an optional event. One round will focus especially on Free Methodist Bible Quizzing History and Fun Facts. So quiz your leaders, ask your pastors, check out the Hall of Fame, and any other resource you might have to answer questions about Who’s Who and Who Did What in FMBQ.

Admissions Party. Olivet Nazarene University Admissions team will host an activity on one evening.

Seniors Dinner. We’ll have some special treats and honor our graduating Seniors with a tribute and slide show one evening. Details to follow.

Pool and Climbing Wall. We plan to book limited access to the ONU state-of-the-art pool, spa, whirlpool facility as well as their second-in-the-nation tallest climbing structure at a university. Separate sign-ups and liability waivers will be required. Details about how to sign up and reserve a climbing spot will follow.

Service projects. If your team is interested in being part of a service project on Monday between the hours of 11 AM and 4 PM, please include that in your registration. Opportunities and details will be arranged for those who sign up in advance. If “overflow” opportunities become available, that will be announced. If you have a team of quizzers or a leader who is interested in being the contact/coordinating person, please email me separately … and soon! This will be subject to interest and coordination. Stay tuned.

Better Student Fund 5K. There will be no BSF 5K this year, but we’ll be inviting teams, with their registration, to send in a donation for this international effort to encourage Bible Quizzing through scholarships and supplies for quizzers in different countries. Think of how much you’d pay NOT to have to run a 5K! Please watch for different payment instructions for this amount.

Scholarships. List to be updated on EZ card and by emails as schools confirm. All attendees agree that contact information will be provided to these schools offering scholarships to FM Bible Quizzers. Participation scholarships mean 80% of Quotes and five regular-season quizzes. Coaches will be asked to sign a Verification Form for each Quizzer who qualifies. These are due no later than check-in on Monday, July 12, 2021.

Goodie bags … from various schools will be part of your welcoming package, along with event t-shirts and other treats.

Waivers. We are so delighted to be meeting in person, we’ll do just about anything that’s required of us, right? Expect a list of Things to Expect in order to comply with local and campus expectations. There’s going to be a longer list than usual this year. Coaches, I will need you to affirm that you have communicated a page of these expectations to each person attending, and I will look to you to ensure that your group follows through. This will include waivers for any appearances on social media as a result of livestreaming or photos taken by anyone during Finals. This will include accepting the risk of contracting COVID-19 or other illness or condition as a result of being together in a group, even with distancing limitations in place. You will assume responsibility for your own health and your own actions, and any cost to ONU or to others resulting from those actions, whether directed toward other persons or property. You will assume all liability related to any harm or distress you experience as a result of any portion of the Finals experience, including the limitations that may be present with any online component of Finals.

More to come. These are the basics. Registration form is attached. Watch for us to announce the theme of our week shortly—check Facebook and EZ card for updates. Send in your Registration or reply to this email to be included on updates by topic in the upcoming weeks … those won’t go out to this entire list. Please keep all aspects of this event in your prayers, whether you plan to be with us in person or not.

See you at Olivet! Laura

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