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Bishop Leslie L. Krober

Bishop Leslie L. Krober

Greenville Free Methodist Church
Greenville, IL
Quizzed 1962-1963
Inducted 2003


Notable Results

Our team won the Championship in 1963. It was a single-elimination tournament and there was only one age category.

Favorite Scripture

The Sermon on the Mount from Matthew.

Questions & Answers
What were the highlights of your quizzing years?

Teaming up with number 1 quizzers Vickie Jenkins, Carmen Baldwin, and Janice Clem.

I found my wife Peggy through Quizzing; she was on the Spring Abor (MI) team that we beat in the Finals.

How did quizzing affect you as a teen?

It helped me to be disciplined in Bible study.

What difference has quizzing made in your life to this day?

I still remember and consider the verses I memorized.

How did you stay involved in quizzing?

I coached the Greenville team two years. We got close to Finals one year and won the championship the other.

How are you serving the Lord?

I presently serve as Bishop of the Free Methodist Church of North America. 

(Editor's Note: Bishop Krober currently serves as the bishop overseeing many denominational ministries including Bible quizzing, and his support and encouragement has been a great blessing to quizzing.)