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Bruce Kaufmann

Bruce Kaufmann

Greenville Free Methodist Church
Greenville, IL
Quizzed 1968-1971
Inducted 2003


Notable Results

  • 1968, 1969, 1970, & 1971 Central Illinois Conference Bible Quiz Champions
  • 1968 Mid-West Regional Bible Quiz Champions, representing Central Illinois at Camp Mack in IN.
  • 1968 National Champions at Winona Lake, IN
  • Coaching the 1974 National Championship team from Greenville, IL

Favorite Scripture

I Corinthians 13. Christ commanded us to "love one another" if we are His disciples. This chapter tells us what love is and is not. I memorized this chapter. Love covers a lot of sin.

Questions & Answers
What were the highlights of your quizzing years?

Winning the National Championship in 1968; all the friends that I made; all the trips that we took; and all the Bible verses that I learned.

How did quizzing affect you as a teen?

Bible quizzing gave me a reason to study God's Word in depth on a regular basis. Bible quizzing was my "sport" of choice. None of the "jocks" on the basketball, baseball, football or track teams ever went to "Nationals" or won an international grand championship title. So it gave me a sense of accomplishment. I learned how to study. I learned how to think under pressure. I learned how to speak in public under pressure, extemporaneously. I learned how to analyze a question and information to determine what my answer would be through reasoning. I learned how to get along with others in tight situations. I learned how to organize information, thoughts, and people. I learned how to consult the Bible for guidance in making "right" decisions in the face of difficult situations.

What difference has quizzing made in your life to this day?

Bible quizzing has been one of the most influential programs in my life. The lessons that I have learned through Bible quizzing and the Bible verses that I learned have helped me to make "right" decisions in the face of difficult situations. I have had a confidence in myself and my God throughout my life that would not have been there if I did not have the Bible quiz program while I was a teenager. Without this confidence I would not have accomplished the many things that I have. Bible quizzing helped expand my love for God's word which led to my creating, with God's and my brother Don' s help, several Bible educational games and a company to design, manufacture, promote, and sell them.

How have you remained active in quizzing?

I am currently coaching a local quiz team at the St. Petersburg (FL) FMC, and have coached national championship teams in the past. I also directed the national Bible Quiz program for many years. 

When there was question whether or not Bible quizzing would continue as a denominational ministry, Bruce called together a meeting of lay leaders (who supported Bible Quizzing) at the Wabash Campground in 1973. Bruce proposed a self-supporting organization organizational structure to keep quizzing going. In 1974, as a result of Bruce's encouragement to the Bishops, the Free Methodist International Grand Championships were held in conjunction with the Free Methodist General Conference in order to give Bible quizzing some new exposure. (This was the last time that just conference champions competed.) Fred Thomas became the new Director of Free Methodist Youth Ministries and appointed Bruce to be the FM International Bible Quizmaster. 

In 1976, Bruce was able to get the Free Methodist Continental Bible Quiz Finals Open started in Winona Lake, IN at the FM Headquarters. To increase attendance and the number of quizzers who could participate in Finals, this was designed as an "open" tournament for any FM quiz team. Rookie and veteran divisions were started then as well, and this was the first year for the awards banquet. 

In 1977, Bruce designed the "Alpha-Omega" Stained Glass Traveling Bible Quiz Trophy and the Open Bible Trophy. The name came from Jesus being the Alpha and Omega. Bruce later created the Spit-Shine Award to encourage team uniforms. 

Bruce wrote championship finals questions several years. He served as head Bible quizmaster for many years, and also as Quizmaster for the Florida Conference and the Southeast Regional. He has also won a championship in the QUIC quizzing competition. Bruce has served on the Board of Directors for the World Bible Quiz Association. He also proposed the 8-year Bible quiz study cycle which was adopted by the WBQA and is still being used today.

How are you serving the Lord?

I am a member of the St. Petersburg (FL) FMC, and coach the Bible quiz team. I lead the Divorce Care ministry of our local church, and am on the Men's Ministries leadership team as well as the Mission's Committee. I serve as the attorney for Free Methodist Churches in the South Atlantic Conference. I am also a Gideon.