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Dave Markell

Dave Markell

Free Methodist World Headquarters
Indianapolis, IN
Quizzed n/a
Inducted 2003



The following comes from a letter from his widow, Judi Markell:

David was a man of great faith and a man of the Word. He was up early every morning spending time in prayer and reading scripture to prepare for the day. Every so often, he would set aside an entire day to pray and meditate on the Word. He continually sought God's guidance in every area of his life and recognized the importance of God's Word in the life of every believer.

David also had a heart for youth. He started working with them when he was in college as the youth pastor at the church that sits on this campus at Roberts Wesleyan College. He continued in seminary as a Campus Life director for three years. When he took his first church, he also served his local conference as director of youth. In 1977 he was asked to serve as Director of Youth Ministries for the Free Methodist denomination. While at headquarters, David became acquainted with the Bible quizzing program. It had been in existence for several years, but was not very active at the time. He recognized the potential for the program and the impact it could have on so many kids, so he got to work. It became a burning desire of his to get the word of God into the hearts and minds of the youth of the denomination. He also recognized the importance of other aspects of the program, including learning teamwork, discipline and working toward a common goal.

It was always such a pleasure to watch him work. Whether he was tending to the details of a given meet, trying to get stubborn seats to light up properly, working with coaches, mediating a challenge or quizmastering, he did it all with style, grace and fairness. And all of this was bathed in a great deal of prayer. He worked hard and was able to see the fruits of his labor as the program grew and flourished. It became more personal when he saw his own son become a very enthusiastic quizzer. I know he was equally as thrilled when, watching from his heavenly home, he saw his daughter become involved in the program. 

The program is bigger and better than ever. It is due, in part, to what David did, but it also is due to what a lot of others, such as Mike Hopper, have done. And I know David would absolutely want me to give Jesus Christ all the praise for what the program has become. The bottom line is what David knew to be Truth- once the Word gets in your mind and heart, it will never leave. Thank you for the honor you have bestowed on David. I know he is smiling down from heaven this day.

It is good to know he is not forgotten. May God bless all of you richly as you continue your good work in this invaluable endeavor and may His name be glorified today and in all the years ahead as this program continues. 

Thank you!
Judi, Kristen and Matt Markell

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