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David Swank

David Swank

Vincennes Free Methodist Church
Vincennes, IN
Quizzed 1996 - 2002
Inducted 2012


Notable Results

1997 - YTR A Team 2nd Rochester, NY
1998 - YTV Individuals 6th Spring Arbor, MI
1999 - YTV Individuals 6th YTR "A" Team 1st Greenville, IL
2001 - STV A Team 5th STV Individuals 6th McPherson, KS
2002 - STV A Team 1st Seattle, WA Alpha-Omega Champions

Favorite Scripture

After quizzing over so much of the New Testament it is hard to pick just one scripture. I really enjoyed quizzing over the Book of Acts and the early church. 

One of my favorites is John 6:66-69 "From this time on many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him. "You do not want to leave too, do you?" Jesus asked the Twelve. Simon Peter answered him, "LORD, TO WHOM SHALL WE GO? YOU HAVE THE WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God." These verses are just so powerful, because Jesus is the only one to turn to no matter what the world throws at you or how hard things may be.

I also like 1st Corinthians 15:33 "Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character"". Without this verse my senior year I don't know how things may have been different after high school. It really shaped who I made a decision to have as friends in my life and I think God used it to keep me following His path.

Questions & Answers
What were the highlights of your quizzing years?

I really enjoyed Nationals every year, it was a great experience to not only compete, but to have a good time with other quizzers from your own team and other teams that you didn't get to see as often.

The no-missed prejumps rule our team had my senior year. If you missed a prejump you had to sub out. We had Adam King, Rachel (Coates) Truitt, David Hose and myself and we all had it memorized pretty well so it gave everyone a chance to get in and to not get too crazy jumping against each other instead of the other team! It also gave the scorekeeper headaches keeping track of all the substitutions.

How did quizzing affect you as a teen?

Quizzing gave me another good outlet to my competitive nature. I ran in high school and that strengthened me physically, but quizzing strengthened me spiritually. Just like training to run, it helped build me up with the Word daily and lay a foundation for the future.

What difference has quizzing made in your life to this day?

Spiritually Bible Quizzing has given me an increased appreciation for the Scripture and a solid foundation of memory verses. Almost anytime the Sunday sermon is from a part of Scripture I studied I can still quote along with a good deal of the passage when it is read! 
Also to this day my closest friends are from Bible Quizzing. And almost anywhere I go I find people who I know through Bible Quizzing. When I moved to Indianapolis, two people I only knew through quizzing, Brad and Heather Anderson opened their home and let me stay with them for five months!

Are you presently involved in Bible quizzing in any way? If so, how?

Since I graduated high school I have been to the last ten nationals as a quizmaster and helped out in many of the monthly quizzes during that time.

What ministries are you currently doing? How are you presently active in serving the Lord?

Presently in addition to helping with Bible Quizzing I am serving the Lord as a student in college living a God centered life and striving to be an example for others.