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Doug Whitlock

Doug Whitlock

Knox Knolls Free Methodist Church
Springfield, IL
Quizzed 1991-1998
Inducted 2005



The following comes from a letter from Doug's mother, Karen Whitlock:

Doug quizzed from 1991 to 1998. He started when he was in the sixth grade. He quizzed for the Knox Knolls Free Methodist Church in Springfield, IL in the Gateway Conference. In 1993, our Young Teen Veteran team took first place at nationals. Herb Coates was the coach, and others on the team were Crecia Keithley, Michelle Barth, Greg Coates, and Bryan Vollintine. In 1998, Doug took first place in Senior Teen Individuals.

Doug was passionate about quizzing. He was that way about everything he did. If he thought it was worth doing, he gave it his all. Travis Peterson, in his eulogy at Doug's funeral, said that Doug still had most of the New Testament memorized. Travis said that no matter what subject was under discussion, Doug could come up with an appropriate quote.

I think that quizzing also help set him on the road to regular Bible study. In an article he wrote for our conference newsletter, he said, "When I was involved in Bible Quizzing, my study was for memorization. In those times I would study intensely and read and reread passages in order to remember them. This worked very well. As I read for personal meditation, however, I use a different approach. First I like to have an extended plan of what I will be studying. This usually includes a certain book or two to be read over a month or so. Then, as I do my reading, I try to read in sections rather than two or three verses. This gives more continuity to my study and imparts some context to the individual verses. Then I can see the whole picture of what a verse is saying. Each reading is a blessing and a joy."

The other thing that kept Doug interested in quizzing was the relationships he developed there. He especially enjoyed the Decatur boys, including Travis Peterson and Dustin Fenton, and the Greenville girls, including Rebekkah Krober, Kristin Markell, Courtney Summerville, and Annie Catron. They all were about the same age, and they had a healthy, friendly rivalry, but they were also all good friends.

After high school, Doug sometimes went to quizzes as a quizmaster. While he was attending the University of Illinois at Champaign for two years, he coached the quiz team at the Mattis Avenue Free Methodist Church. When he moved back to Springfield, he started coaching the quiz team at our church. This shows his belief in the value of quizzing.

Doug was very active in his home church in Springfield. He was elected as reserve delegate to annual conference. He was serving as quiz coach and church treasurer, and had a seat on the Official Board. He was a worship leader, sometimes playing the piano, but most often singing on the worship team. He would often closely question us about the lyrics of songs and their theological implications. He didn't want to sing anything that was not appropriate Scripturally.

After Doug's death, one man in our church talked about Doug being "wise beyond his years." I think it was the deep knowledge of the Scripture that he gained through Bible Quizzing that accounted for this maturity.

Former pastor Herb Coates wrote: "Doug Whitlock, 24, of the Knox Knolls (Springfield, IL) Free Methodist Church was killed Sunday evening (May 22, 2005) when his motorcycle was hit by a car. This year he has been coaching the Springfield team. He also coached the Mattis Avenue Free Methodist Church quiz team of Champaign, IL while he was getting his engineering degree from the University of Illinois. He was with his quiz team from Springfield at the West Morris Street quiz the day before his death."

Doug's former youth pastor Steve Coates wrote: "During a Sunday morning worship service in Springfield, I asked several high school teens to share a favorite verse with the congregation. Doug selected and quoted 2 Corinthians 7:1: "Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God." Yes, let us do so, not only because of the promises, but because of their fulfillment in our lifetime in the life of Doug."

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