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James P. Kramer

James P. Kramer

Willamina Free Methodist Church
Willamina, OR
Quizzed 1988-1996
Inducted 2003


Notable Results

STV 1st Place at Nationals - Spring Arbor
STV 2nd Place at Nationals - Greenville
STV 3rd Place at Nationals - Greenville
STV 3rd Place at Nationals - Anderson
STV 4th Place at Nationals - Warm Beach
Various Regional Competition - 1st, 2nd Finishes

YTV 1st Place at Nationals - Greenville
YTV 4th Place at Nationals - Spring Arbor
STV 1st Place at Nationals - Warm Beach
STV 3rd Place at Nationals - Greenville
Various Regional Competition -1st, 2nd, 3rd Finishes

1996 - Dave Markell Excellence in Attitude Award

Most Inspirational Team (can't remember the year) Quote Award - every year

Nominated for Most Inspirational Quizzer (PNW Conference) - 4 years

Favorite Scripture

Without a doubt it is Philippians 1:6 - "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." I can see God's hand in my life over and over again, highlighting areas that need work, using His refining touch to break up the hard soil and remove roots of sin from my heart. At times I'm tempted to despair, wondering if I'll ever change, if I'll ever be the new creation that Paul talks about. But when I go to prayer, God reminds me that He is pleased with me and that He is doing His work and He will finish it. Time and time again I'm humbled by God's consistent, faithful, fatherly love that won't let me get too far before He gently lifts me up in His arms and tells me to cease my striving. As I've come to trust His work in my life, I've also been able to tell others about this indescribable love I've received. And in so doing, I've been able to see Christ doing His redeeming work in other lives as well. This is truly a Gospel of liberation and freedom

Questions & Answers
What were the highlights of your quizzing years?

Even to this day, I keep in contact with friends I made during my quizzing years. I even ended up being roommates at George Fox University with one of my fiercest competitors. The friendships I've made from quizzing have been amazing. The scriptures I memorized didn't always carry meaning right away. But over time, as I've encountered different things, God has reminded me of certain scriptures I either didn't understand at the time, or else neglected to pay attention to. But God has been faithful to teach me His Word and to remind me of things I memorized years ago. I enjoyed traveling around the country and having a good God-centered competition with people that lifted up and encouraged one another. The competition was tough, but the people were always great, and I usually left tournaments feeling better as a person regardless of who won. I learned team unity and I learned to give grace to others. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost - and I learned how to be graceful in both.

How did quizzing affect you as a teen?

It was by far the most positive influence I had. I was surrounded by God-loving friends that I enjoyed being with. I had an identity in quizzing. I did not feel the need to do what my non-Christian friends were doing, because I was finding pleasure in quizzing and in learning more about God. I think quizzing provided a shelter from the things of the world that might have tried to win me over. Nothing in my life has compared with my years in quizzing.

What difference has quizzing made in your life to this day?

Time and again when I'm faced with difficulties or confusions or crises, God brings to mind scriptures I learned as a teen. He not only reminds me of them, but He brings them to life and gives them meaning. I know the scriptures better than many of my friends and so He also uses me to teach them about Himself when they are going through tough times. I learned important life lessons from quizzing that I have carried with me to this day. For one, I learned how to study and discipline myself. I learned how to work hard towards a goal. I learned how to work together as a team and put self-interests to rest. I learned how to give grace and receive grace. I learned how to compete in a Godly way that still allows for fierce competition and fun, but also includes love and encouragement.

How are you serving the Lord?

This last fall, I was on staff at a Christian discipleship school in Oregon (based on the YWAM model). Just this week, I returned from 3 months of outreach and evangelism in Mexico with the school. Before that, I taught at a University in China for a year, holding Bible studies in my apartment and discipling many new Christians and people interested in things of God. This fall, I will be on staff at the school once again, but I will be directing most of my attention to the creation of a new aspect of the school. I will be the director of a one-month Intensive Missions Training Boot Camp to be held this spring in Mexico. This will be geared towards preparing young people from all denominations for missions life and work.

I am currently coaching a STV team for Willamina. I also coached one year for Greenville.