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Marvin Earl Gray

Marvin Earl Gray

McPherson Free Methodist Church
McPherson, KS
Quizzed 1983-1989
Inducted 2006


Notable Results

1988 - We placed 2nd at Greenville over Hebrews 1 & 2 Peter in 1988. It was my first quiz that year, as I'd been in the Dominican Republic with VISA all year.

As a 7th grader over Romans and James in 1984, I was the 5th highest points per question in at Bible Quiz Finals. I was the "Coach of the Year" in the Pacific Northwest Conference in 1995.

I have coached for 8 years, and been at 11 of the last 20 Nationals. I have coached at least 5 1st place teams at our regional tournament, and a 5th place team at nationals. I love to QUiC Quiz.

Questions & Answers
What were the highlights of your quizzing years?

Lots of road-trips; memorizing all of James, John, Hebrews, 1 & 2 Peter, & Matthew, and some of the other books; singing "So go on and quiz out, good bye bye bye good bye" at Spring Arbor Nationals Awards Banquet with Dan Koehn, Ryan Joy, and Greg Fields in 1987; staying up all night with friends after the awards banquet; pleasing coaches Greg and Nancy Gossell; and Bruce's bad buffalo bonus quiz questionables.

How did quizzing affect you as a teen?

It gave me something to work on and work for. It filled a lot of time I would have wasted otherwise. It helped me to know and understand God's word much more deeply. It helped cement life-long friendships.

What difference has quizzing made in your life to this day?

I still get thrills and chills about QUiC (adult) quizzing; and I love to Quizmaster and make it fun but excellent. I quote scripture (that I have memorized or reviewed recently) often in ministry and teaching. I love to read and study the Bible and to inspire my own children to do the same.

How are you currently serving the Lord?

I am a community pastor at Seattle's Rainier Avenue Free Methodist Church. I lead a men's recovery group. I help raise up and train leaders in our local church and neighborhood. I teach at Seattle Pacific University as an adjunct faculty member. I have been working at Operation Nightwatch, referring homeless clients to shelter. I am loving my wife Julie and 4 children Maria, Daniel, Rachel, and Melody.

I am a coach, quizmaster, and quiz parent.