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Phil Lancaster

Phil Lancaster

Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church
Spring Arbor, Michigan
Quizzed 1984-1990
Inducted 2019


Phil lives in Spring Arbor, Michigan. His mother, Sherry, was on a championship team in the 1960s.

Questions & Answers
What were some of your accomplishments in quizzing?

In 10th grade at a Chicago tournament, I was the guy off the bench for once (not the star). I got the last question to win the Final.

I was recognized as a champion at a World BQ meet using points per question averages when I was in seventh grade ... this brought my father to tears, recognizing for the first time that I could do this. This would be my "sport."

I finished 8th out of 20 in a World BQ competition where they didn't have a "JV" division, so I was up against high schoolers as a seventh grader.

In 9th or 10th grade, I tied with Peter Samuelson for the sixth spot in Individual Finals.

In 9th grade my team won the World BQ quiz in Chicago.

What is your favorite verse?

John 8:1

"But Jesus went to the Mount of Olives … "

This was the verse with the answer to the last question to win a championship.

What did Bible Quizzing mean for you as a teen?

It was a place where I (someone in a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy) could compete with my mind on a level playing field with able-bodied peers … and win.

What would you say is the value of Bible Quizzing for other young people?

Growing up as a teenager is hard enough and kids do stupid things. But maybe having some verses in their heads will help them to make a better choice in the moment and avoid some trouble.

But remember … while winning is the goal in FMBQ, it's not the PURPOSE.