Kenya Bible Quiz Committee

  • Chair: Rev. Stanley Asenga
  • Secretary: Lillian Nyangasi
  • Treasurer: Kenn Mapesa
  • Members: Violet Goro, Nixon Miheso, Eluid Kiptoo, Esther Kipkemoi, Rev. Daniel Shanzuh, Rev. Ken Myers, Pastor Solomon Otieno

Schools Participating in FMBQ

  • Kibera Free Methodist Academy
  • Free Methodist Academy Kawangware
  • Light & Life Free Methodist Academy Kericho
  • Free Methodist Academy Mombassa
  • Dr. Buconyori FM Boys High School (Soy)
  • Umoja Free Methodist School (Mautuma)
  • Mwangaza Free Methodist Academy (Nyakach)
  • Len Kai Christian School (Kimana)

Kenya Individual Bible Quizzing Champions/Paul Bither Scholarship

  • 2018 - Geoffrey Morgan (Central District)
  • 2017 - Fabian Ouma
  • 2016 - Sarah Awour
  • 2015 - Billy Kubenja (Central District)
  • 2014 - Lillian Nyangasi (Jinja, Uganda)
  • 2013 - Lillian Nyangasi (Jinja, Uganda)
  • 2012 - Matthew Mashaka (Coast District)

Kenya Individual Bible Quizzing Champion (prior to Scholarship)

  • 2009 - Mercy Atieno

ICCM Kenya 8th Grade Champions/Vincennes Scholarship

  • 2018 - Metrine Cheywe (Kibera school, Nairobi)
  • 2017 - Brian Mulinge (Kawangware School, Nairobi)
  • 2016 - Hillary Gesami (Kawangware School, Nairobi)
  • 2015 - Emmanuel Kidakiza (Umoja School, Mautuma)
  • 2014 - Vicky Chenop (Light & Life School, Kericho)
  • 2013 - Geoffrey Morgan (Kawangware School, Nairobi)

With the help of missionary Deborah Hogeboom, Bible quizzing began in Kenya in 2003. At that time, 2 sets of quiz seats were sent to support the ministry. Since that time, Bible quizzing has been a part of the youth ministry in Kenya as a component of their annual youth camps.

When Pastor Eric Young became the Denominational Director for FM Bible Quizzing, he shared a dream/passion/vision to see a missional focus as a part of our ministry. He dreamed that there would be missions teams formed of Bible quizzers and leaders who would introduce Bible quizzing to other parts of the world.

In March 2011, Brad and Heather Anderson traveled to Kenya as a part of a missions team from their home church, Aldersgate (Indianapolis), IN and had the opportunity to meet Pastor Daniel Shanzuh and demonstrate quizzing to the local churches they were ministering in.

At that time, Daniel had a vision and a new understanding of how Bible quizzing could be used as a discipleship tool. Daniel dreamed of seeing Bible quizzing introduced within the 8 ICCM schools within Kenya.

At the 2011 Quiz Finals, a special offering was received to purchase 8 sets of quiz seats to send to Kenya to support quizzing in each of the schools.

In 2012, FM Bible Quizzing sent its first missions’ team to Kenya under the leadership of Brad and Heather Anderson. Bible quizzing was demonstrated in several ICCM schools and our team participated in the annual youth camp. A special scholarship was established in the memory of a long-time quizzing support Paul Bither. The Paul Bither Excellence in Quizzing Scholarship is awarded to the Kenyan Individual Bible Quiz Champion. The scholarship helps cover the cost of the student’s high school education for a year.

During the summer of 2012, there was a Bike Missions team that was riding through Kenya to raise funds to purchase property in Eldoret. The property was to be the location of the first FMC High School/secondary school. Currently all ICCM schools are primary schools. As the bike trip was coming to a close, there was a need for additional funds to purchase the property. An offering was received at the 2012 Quiz Finals to help close this gap. Our ministry was able to close that gap and have an investment in the future secondary education of Kenyan ICCM students.

In 2013, the Vincennes, IN FMC established a new scholarship to support quizzers in 8th grade who would be graduating out of the ICCM primary schools and needing the financial means to attend secondary school. This scholarship provides the necessary funds to cover the tuition for all four years of the student’s secondary education.

In 2014, FM Bible Quizzing sent its second missions team to Kenya under the leadership of Brad and Heather Anderson. While in Kenya, the quiz ministry purchased chickens to keep at the Eldoret property – to which we fondly call – “the quizzing flock.”

In 2016 Brad and Heather led their third FMBQ team to Kenya. While there, they worked in Mombasa FM Academy to strengthen the quizzing ministry among class 8 students and to introduce classes 6 and 7, as well as running a VBS for the younger grade school students.

At US nationals in 2017, Brad Anderson and FM missionary Ken Myers shared their vision for sending a former quizzer to Kenya for an extended time to train leaders and strengthen quizzing within the schools. God laid it on the heart of former quizzer Jared Sittig, to respond. Jared travelled with the 2016 FMBQ team and felt the call to return. By June of 2018, he was on the ground in Kenya, ready to travel to the various schools to share the vision and mission of quizzing with leaders and students. Jared’s work will continue until December 2018.

While in Kenya, Jared met up with the fourth and most recent team led by Brad and Heather Anderson which came and worked with quizzing in Mwangaza, Light and Life, and Kawangware Free Methodist Academies. This was the largest team yet, having 6 adults and 12 students. Between the three schools, they were able to meet with more than eighty 8th grade quizzers and many more from 6th and 7th grade.

Bible quizzing is deeply invested in the work of ICCM in Kenya and we support and pray Pastor Stanly Asenga and his team as they continue to roll out Bible quizzing within all the ICCM schools and dream about the future.