The Philippines

National Leader: Roger Stone, Missionary 

Status: Active quizzing  

Jump Sets Provided: 8

A Bible quizzing missions team from the Gateway Conference, led by Vaughn Robart, traveled to the Philippines to promote quizzing in May 2017.

The Link Mid Year Report

Here are the highlights of the trip:

Philippines: All 3 regions agreed to study Ruth & First half of Luke. They hope to bring best team(s) to Greenville University in 2018.

North = Manila. Gave Roger Stone Bierdemann box.

Central = Cebu. Participated in their annual BQ Youth camp. Gave Pastor Allan Prochina Bierdemann box & 8 quiz seats. Gave $100 for next year’s Bible Quiz camp.

South = Butuan.  Worked with 40 quizzers & coaches who picked up quizmastering quickly.

1) Gave Pastora Tess 4 Bierdemann boxes & 32 quizseats.

2) Bible College President Ronilo Bating will introduce Bible Quizzing to 6th graders in 4 junior high schools during January 2018 which is the "Month of the Bible" in the Philippines.

3) Met with Bishop Alan Bacus who is excited to revive quizzing on Mindanao.

4) $1,000 budget allocated for transportation & other expenses for all 3 regions to attend the 1stPhilippines Nationals tournament in Cebu, spring 2018.

Boracay: Missionary Dan Beaver expressed interest in implementing BQing in their 2 schools.

This testimony comes from Abegail Ansela in Buhangin, Philippines: "I'm really thankful to God for what He has done through quizzing. He has revealed so many things to me. I have been challenged to study God's word every day because otherwise most of my time is spent on useless things...God has taught me to be really thankful and to appreciate the blessings that He sends to me. Quizzing has brought a lot of lessons in my life, and I know God is going to teach me more through this ministry."