Study Supplies

  • Free Methodist Current Quote List Free Download
  • Study Supplies are available from Acme Quiz:
  • Study Supplies are available from Laura Christensen Colberg: Download Order Form 2018
  • Study Supplies are available from Wilmore Computer Associates:
  • Free Methodist Triplicate Scoresheets can be ordered by phone at 1-800-493-7539; ask for item: SKU # FM0293,. Or on-line: click here. Price is $10 per 100 pack.

Question Sets:

Practice questions may be acquired from these sources:

  • Free Study Questions/Worksheets by Ryan Benbow, Mark Colgan & others: Free Downloads: Mostly by chapter, about 25 questions per page Jonah And Luke Study Guides Divided by number of verses to fit with Wilmore Computer Associates material division, plus one review worksheet per month: Jonah And Luke Study Guides Aligned
  • Study Materials by Laura Christensen Colberg: Thousands of questions organized according to FM material breakdown, word lists, review quizzes. Current order form here or email for more details.
  • Practice Rounds are available from: Wilmore Computer Associates 120 total practice rounds. 8 months, 5 practices per month is 40 total weeks. 3 rounds per practice is 120 rounds. 17+ questions per round with mini-scoresheet on each page. Starting at $60 (more if printed and shipped).

Bible Quiz Electronics

  • Steve Kirkman's Quiz Equipment. Box and pad details here. Contact:
  • Acme Quiz Quiz Equipment Acme Quiz is preparing several new products to better support Free Methodist Bible Quizzing. 1) A new USB interface that connects to a laptop PC that can use either the traditional RCA connector seat pads, or their new softer seat pad line. 2) A full quiz box with lights that can operate in stand-alone mode or connected with a PC. 3) Specialized Windows software for use with either of these.
  • Paul Bierdeman's digital box information. This is a small digital box less than 6" wide x 3" tall and 1" thick. It is available in 2 models, the traditional "Single" where the quiz box sits between the two sets of chairs ($30), and the Quizmaster "Dual" model where the display box sits on the front edge of the quizmaster's table and has a readout on both sides ($50). Works with Kirkman or Acme (slight upcharge) seat pads. Contact: for more information and ordering info.