What is Quizzing?

Bible Quizzing is a ministry that encourages 6th through 12th grade students to study and memorize Scripture through competition. Each year a specific portion of scripture is chosen (1 & 2 Corinthians, John, Romans & James) and quizzers will study that text in weekly increments throughout the school year. The competition comes when quizzers are matched with other quizzers to see who can answer the most questions in a series of 15-question quiz rounds. This is done on a weekly basis during Quiz practice, monthly at local tournaments, and annually at Conference/Regional quizzes and Quiz Finals.

Free Methodist Bible Quizzing uses the NIV-2011 translation of the Holy Bible. Our current season (2021-2022) is over 1&2 Timothy, Titus, Matthew 1-13.

The Basics

2 Teams
people people

In FM Bible Quizzing, two teams of three persons compete against each other, and up to four persons may attempt to give a correct answer to the question.

1 Quizmaster

Quizzes are facilitated by a quizmaster, who reads the questions and then determines whether the answers are correct or incorrect. Answers other than Quote questions do not have to be word-perfect to earn full points (20 points).

15 Questions

Monthly quiz meets occur on Saturdays and include 6-8 rounds of quizzing. Each team round is made up of 15 questions worth 20 points each. Unless there is a tie, then a three-question overtime is used to break the tie.


In order to determine which quizzer gets to answer first, quizzers use jump seats. These are electronic seat pads connected to a display that registers the first four persons to jump, in order.

Quizzing Stories

Anne Bartlett

Haven Robart

Michael and Laura Stout

Taryn Jones

Michael Buratovich

Vaughn Robart

Sheryl Moore

Lydia Stout

Amanda Lewis

Faith Kurtz

Gail Warton

Heather and Brad Anderson

Jason Colberg

Jenny Madill

Jim Honan

Rebekah Distaffen

Ronin Graham

PBS Bible Quizzing Feature (2003)