Study Supplies

  • Free Methodist Current Quote List Free Download
  • Study Supplies are available from Laura Christensen Colberg: Download Order Form 2022 Excel File. Practice questions (including practice quizzes and review quizzes), Quiz portions, concordance/cross-chapter spiral-bound portion, Quote cards in a deck, Quote Lists, scoresheets, software tools, audio files and more.
  • Study Supplies are available from Wilmore Computer Associates: Practice quizzes, quiz portions, concordances, quizmaster's portion, Quote Lists, and more.
  • Free Methodist Triplicate Scoresheets can be ordered by phone at 1-800-493-7539; ask for item: SKU # FM0293,. Or on-line: click here. Price is $10 per 100 pack.

Question Sets:

Practice questions may be acquired from these sources:

  • Study Materials by Laura Christensen Colberg: Thousands of questions organized according to FM material breakdown, word lists, review quizzes ($65). Current order form above or email for more details.
  • Practice Rounds are available from: Wilmore Computer Associates 120 total practice rounds. 8 months, 5 practices per month is 40 total weeks. 3 rounds per practice is 120 rounds. 17+ questions per round with mini-scoresheet on each page. Starting at $70 (more if printed and shipped).

Bible Quiz Electronics

  • Steve Kirkman's Quiz Equipment. Box and pad details here. Contact:
  • Paul Bierdeman's digital box information. This is a small digital box less than 6" wide x 3" tall and 1" thick. It is available in 2 models, the traditional "Single" where the quiz box sits between the two sets of chairs ($50), and the Quizmaster "Dual" model where the display box sits on the front edge of the quizmaster's table and has a readout on both sides ($65). Works with Kirkman or Acme seat pads, and has ports for up to eight seat pads. Contact: for more information and ordering info.
  • Seat pads are available through (approximately $20/pad after shipping) or from Lyle McCoon, Sr., who is making seat pads using fabric from SEED Ministries, a Free Methodist ministry helping women become self-sustaining through micro-businesses creating hand-made goods sold world-wide. Cost is $10/seat pad. Contact Lyle to order at