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Julie Allman

Julie Allman

New Brighton Free Methodist Church
New Brighton, PA
Quizzed 1988-1994
Inducted 2004


Notable Results

This may sound silly, but I really can't remember. If I were sitting with my mother and aunt, they'd quickly tell me. I guess this makes me realize what part of quizzing really lasts after the competition is over! I do remember coming in 4th place my very first year in Young Teen Individuals (I think before there was any splitting for veteran and rookie), and I was pretty excited about that. My legs hardly reached the floor that first year.

My last year I had the honor of receiving the Dave Markell "Excellence in Attitude" award. I had memories of Dave Markell from when I was a kid too young to quiz, tagging along to Finals with my mom and dad, and I remembered his influence on the spirit of Bible quizzing. It was a special thing to receive that kind of recognition, though I know there were several others who deserved it at least as much!

Favorite Scripture

I don't have just one, but I Corinthians 1 (the whole chapter) has always been special to me. As a person who expects a lot of herself, it is always helpful for me to read those last verses to remind myself that anything significant I do will only be because of Jesus Christ. I don't have to be somebody amazing or special. I just have to let Him use me.

Questions & Answers
What were the highlights of your quizzing years?

Some of my favorite memories of quizzing were when we had a YTV team with stiff competition from Pearce, NY and in our own conference from Highland, PA. That year or two was probably the only time I got to quiz in the 'right' division -- when we had enough people my age from our church interested in quizzing. The girls on the competing teams were excellent quizzers, and made us want to study harder and win all the more! Another highlight was staying after finals at Spring Arbor (1992 I think) with about 20 or so other Free Methodist youth -- and preparing for World Bible Quizzing together. I didn't really like World style quizzing that much, and still prefer the spirit of our National Finals, but I really enjoyed that time together with other youth from around the country.

How did quizzing affect you as a teen?

As a teen, quizzing really helped to ground me in my faith - not just in opinions or popular interpretations of what the Christian life is about -- but in the living Word of God. And as I'm sure many would say the competition and just fun of quizzing itself really helped me deal with the Bible more intensely than I ever would have otherwise.

What difference has quizzing made in your life to this day?

To this day, having a Bible quizzing background helps me recall Scripture at needed times, and helps me be ready mentally to cross-reference when a certain topic comes up in Bible studies. As a missionary, I found it much easier to deal with Scripture in a foreign language since I often could find places more quickly despite the language barrier.

How are you serving the Lord?

I'm a missionary with Free Methodist World Missions in Ukraine. I've been serving in Ukraine since 2000, working with youth, worship/music ministries, and outreach to new areas.

I've quizmastered a few times in my own conference as well as at Nationals, but I've not been nearly as involved as I feel like I should be. We'll see however. Depending on how many years it takes for us to have our first conference of churches in Ukraine, we may see a Ukrainian Bible Quiz tournament some day!