Where are they now? DEREK COX

  •  Author: Derek Cox
  •  Posted on January 06, 2018


Derek Cox

Where do you live?

Chicago, IL

What years did you quiz?


For what team/church?

Bedford Free Methodist

What is your occupation/vocation/passion?

I’m a Director of Photography and owner of a video production company in Chicago, IL.

Memorable accomplishment from your quizzing years:

Winning Nationals in Senior Teen Vet A for the first time in 8thgrade and again as a high school freshman.

Do you have an amusing story to share relating to your time in Bible Quizzing?

Mostly just embarrassment at how I would dress or dye my hair occasionally for quiz meets.  

How has Bible Quizzing helped you become who you are today?

I think the memorization skills I learned in Bible Quizzing definitely helped me throughout school and in my daily life. That type of learning stuck with me and made studying a breeze afterward. Also, learning how to work with a team was a great skill to learn in that setting. Everyone is so friendly in the program, I think it really is an environment that encourages making friends with the people you are competing against. I think Bible quizzing really teaches a lot of empathy, problem solving, and teamwork on top of being an immersive way of studying the word.

What coaches or quizzing leaders had a lasting effect on your life?  How are you better for having known them?

Jerry Mullis was my coach for the majority of my time quizzing. When I first joined the team, there was definitely talk about Jerry that made him seem very intimidating. Our church had won several titles in the past and Jerry was known for having pretty high standards. Luckily, by the time I was quizzing he had softened a little bit and really did a great job of being encouraging and helping us to achieve the best of our potential. I naturally have a very competitive spirit and I think I share that with Jerry. I would get pretty hard on myself if I wasn’t doing my best and Jerry always did a great job of letting me know that it wasn’t the end of the world if something did not go our way. At the end of the day, the lessons we were learning from scripture were the most important. And that’s something I think has helped me to keep a level head and stay calm even in situations where things aren’t going my way.

Are you involved in quizzing today?  How might you like or be willing to be involved?

I am currently not involved in quizzing, although I hear about it from my Mom occasionally.

What is a verse/Scripture that has stuck with you?

I don’t know that I have a specific verse, but I definitely credit a lot of my everyday actions and values to the scripture I learned during my Bible Quizzing years. I try to treat everyone as Jesus would and be generous with my time, talents, and treasure.

Word to the Wise – any advice for our current quizzers?   What do you wish you had been told back then?

Learn how to memorize and speed quote! I would break it down by verse, then paragraph, then string paragraphs together, then chapters, then books. After memorizing the material like that for 5 years, you’ll really be able to remember things better in your daily life and study in school at astonishing rates. I can still speed quote 1 Corinthians 13 (maybe I’ll use it at a wedding one day).