Where are they now? JON ABBOTT

  •  Author: Jon Abbott
  •  Posted on December 03, 2017


Jon Abbott

Where do you live?

East Wenatchee, WA

What years did you quiz?


For what team/church?

Wenatchee Free Methodist Church


What is your occupation/vocation/passion?

I am currently an elementary school principal.

Memorable accomplishment from your quizzing years:

Being part of a junior high Bible Quizzing team that placed first at nationals when I was in seventh grade, along with my brother, Mike Abbott; and Laura Christensen.

Do you have an amusing story to share relating to your time in Bible Quizzing?

I used to re-listen to a cassette tape recording of that Bible Quizzing math over and over.

How has Bible Quizzing helped you become who you are today?

I am very thankful to have the deeper knowledge of Scripture that comes from Bible Quizzing. It helps me know what God’s word has to say about so many different parts of life.

What coaches or quizzing leaders had a lasting effect on your life?  How are you better for having known them?

My dad was my coach. He inspires me in his devotion to God and his family.

What is a verse/Scripture that has stuck with you?

I have gone back and memorized parts of Philippians several times since the 1980’s. My favorite verse is Phil. 3:10.  I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection, becoming like him in his death and so somehow to attain the resurrection from the dead.

Word to the Wise – any advice for our current quizzers?   What do you wish you had been told back then?

All the time you spend studying and memorizing Scripture is a wonderful well-spent investment. You won’t regret it.