Where are they now? KENDRA HOUGHTALING

  •  Author: Kendra Houghtaling
  •  Posted on February 04, 2018


Kendra Houghtaling

Where do you live?

Vandalia, IL

What years did you quiz?


For what team/church?

Parkview FM (Vandalia), IN

What is your occupation/vocation/passion?

I presently teach at a small Christian school in Herrick, IL.  I am considered the high school teacher and basically teach everything the high schoolers need, except for math and science.  That includes Spanish, all English/language arts, band, social sciences, and any other “extra” courses they might take.  After spending 7 years in the public schools, I have found a love and passion for Christian education at MAPS (Mid-America Preparatory School). 

While my occupation is teaching, I also spend a lot of time working at church each week.  I plan and lead worship, teach Sunday School, assist with children’s midweek activities, and led a mission trip this past summer. 

Memorable accomplishment from your quizzing years:

1999 YTV National Champions (team)

2000 STV-A National Champions (team)

2001 STV-A National Champions (team)

2002 STV-A National Individuals 3rd place

 Do you have an amusing story to share relating to your time in Bible Quizzing?

At the 2004 Quiz Finals, my brother Blake and I were in a match that determined whether we were out of the tournament or went on to compete for a place.  It was not going well.  As it was his senior year, I realized it could be our last match together.  He called a time-out.  I went out into the hall with him and our dad (our coach), smacked his arm as any good sister would, and said “Blake, what are you doing?”  He told me to relax, that he had it under control.  I wasn’t buying it, but we went back in and he pulled it together.  Somehow we won and went on to place.  Blake and I still talk about that quiz (and to this day he still claims it was all part of his plan!).

How has Bible Quizzing helped you become who you are today?

Having memorized almost all the books I quizzed over, the Word is hidden in my heart and has not come back void.  As we faced my mother’s battle with a brain tumor, many verses came flooding back to me, speaking peace to my heart.  Upon her passing, those verses reassured me that we would one day be together in the presence of the Lord, bringing comfort during a difficult time.  The words memorized for the sake of a competition have gone much deeper, penetrating my heart and grounding my faith.

What coaches or quizzing leaders had a lasting effect on your life?  How are you better for having known them?

Seeming as though our coach was my dad, he has obviously had a lasting effect on my life.  J


Overall, though, when I think about the adults involved in quizzing, I think of godly men and women (I would mention names, but I am afraid I would miss someone!) who showed an interest in the spiritual lives and development of youth.  I feel that such examples have impacted my connection and investment in my students, giving me a model to follow. 


These wonderful people also showed their Christian love to my family during my mother’s illness and death, with many attending her visitation and/or funeral.  Such care and compassion from the adult leaders demonstrated the importance and impact quizzing had on my life even after I graduated.

Are you involved in quizzing today?  How might you like or be willing to be involved?

I am not involved in quizzing currently.  I have spoken with Vaughn in Gateway about the possibility of a team from my school but have not had an opportunity to pursue it with any students yet.

What is a verse/Scripture that has stuck with you?

Matt. 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Word to the Wise – any advice for our current quizzers?   What do you wish you had been told back then?

Put your best effort into it and do your part for the team, whether that means memorizing all the chapters or just the quotes.  Those verses will come to mind when you need them the most.


Take the time to get to know your fellow quizzers outside the quiz round—they can become great friends for life.